art & design work


Decorating homes or business spaces is a process that is defined by the site itself or by the people who live in it. It can be a simple personal intervention, or a thoughtful and joint action aiming at a lasting result. In the latter case, experts are called upon to turn ideas into a three-dimensional reality.


Design is a primordial practice employed to further develop an idea and can be of an organic or decorative character. In all cases, design ensures the final result of a project and secures its success.


Home restoration requires special expertise, as priority in this area, is given to maintenance and repair. An old building is a literal library of traditional art, usually hidden behind oxidations or incorrect maintenance interventions. Renovation replaces old with new, saving space and energy.


Hand-crafted creations with plant-like, asymmetrical forms are inspired by nature itself and seem capable of channeling a style of decoration that is in harmony with the natural environment.